The birth of poetry

Photo project about poems and poets

I have been interested in synthetic forms of art for a long time, so I decided to take the next step and created the photo project “The People of Poetry”. This is a long-term project, the result of which I see is an exhibition and the publication of a book. Ideally, photographs from the project will be used for your books.

I started working with Kyiv poets in a cozy basement of the famous Kyiv bar Cupid. I hate borders, so I invite you to apply for participation in the project if you write poetry and live in any country.

What about

I'll be brief, I formulated only three criteria:

  1. Surreal presentation
  2. Visual and verbal exist on the same plane
  3. You are a co-author of the project, offering ideas for shooting

How it all happens

  • We meet and discuss ideas
  • We do a simple portrait shoot (walking or in a studio) so that I can feel the texture and just take a few portraits.
  • We plan and implement complex surreal filming as part of the project.

Write, call, I’m on instant messengers and on Facebook. Contacts here

Wednesday, 30 August 2023